Fruit Tree Roll Call

One of the marvelous things about the new house is the abundance of fruit trees. Here comes an abundance of photos. Excuse the weeds and piles of pruning. I haven’t finished yet, but there is already a lot more light getting into the ‘orchard’ than there was before. Light is important for getting a good harvest and helping to reduce disease; both light around the trees and light in the centre of the trees.

DSCF3353 cp
Grapefruit tree.
DSCF3357 cp
Grapefruit – soon, soon.
DSCF3354 cp
Lemon tree.
DSCF3361 cp
DSCF3355 cp
The ‘unknown citrus’.
DSCF3372 cp
‘Unknown citrus’ fruit – what will it be?
DSCF3359 cp
Tangelo tree.
DSCF3362 cp
Tangelo fruit.
DSCF3363 cp
Feijoa tree – a rather large specimen. Pruning has exposed its beautiful gnarled branches.
DSCF3370 cp
Feijoa tree – this is the side that I’ve pruned, so I can actually walk under it now.
DSCF3367 cp
Feijoa tree – this is the side I haven’t pruned. Can you tell?
DSCF3374 cp
A tree from the peach/nectarine/almond family. But what is it? I will have to wait and see. It looked like it hadn’t been pruned at all and its trunk is rather too tall, but I gave it as good a pruning as I could.
DSCF3378 cp
Another tree from the peach/nectarine/almond family. Just a baby this one, which also hadn’t been pruned and has almost no structure to speak of. I will have to keep pruning it as best I can over the next few years.
DSCF3452 cp
Mandarin ‘Silverhill’ tree – a young thing in an awkward position. I rescued it from a bunch of hideously thorny (Flying Dragon) rootstock growth, which was coming up from the base due to it being planted too deeply. Now I have to rescue it from the canna lily that is growing right around it.
DSCF3385 cp
I think this is a cherry guava tree.
DSCF3383 cp
The other tangelo tree – I haven’t pruned it yet. Where’s that trunk got to?
DSCF3386 cp
Pear tree – I got to eat its final pear of the season when we moved in.
DSCF3400 cp
Apple tree – it’s hard to get a good photo since it’s in the middle of the chicken coop!
Loquat tree
Loquat tree.
Another loquat tree
Another loquat tree.
DSCF3426 cp
Loquat flowers – it’s a funny time of year for fruit tree flowers, but loquats apparently fruit between October and December here.
DSCF3427 cp
Fig tree – I don’t know much about fig trees but it doesn’t look entirely happy in the frosty Waikato climate…
DSCF3428 cp
Another small fig tree.
DSCF3429 cp
DSCF3334 cp
Walnut tree on the left.
DSCF3456 cp
DSCF3458 cp
One of two passionfruit vines, which need some tidying and training.

I think that is all we have at the moment. Well, aside from all my potted fruit trees. Now I have to figure out what to do with each one of them…

DSCF3324 cp
Potted fruit trees – plum ‘Billington’, dwarf almond ‘Garden Prince’, apple ‘Granny Smith’, dwarf apricot ‘Aprigold’, dwarf orange ‘Best Seedless Dwarf’, peach ‘Golden Queen’, Tahitian lime and lemon ‘Yen Ben’.

What do you think?

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