Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole, or is it The Rat Hole?

I achieved the goal of doing the last few town errands that I wanted to do before the baby arrives. Chicken food – check. Oyster grit for the chickens – check. Light bulbs, batteries and an extra garden hose to more easily clean and fill up the chicken waterer – check. Spare keys for those … More Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole, or is it The Rat Hole?

A Brined Christmas

Merry Christmas friends! Or should I say Happy New Year now? The days are flying by so fast. I had great intentions of putting up Christmas decorations way back in November, but it didn’t quite happen. The Little Fulla got excited every time a new Christmas decoration slowly appeared. And you’ve probably seen how much … More A Brined Christmas

Making Time For Rest

Rest? What is this rest? Somewhere along the journey of motherhood I forgot how to rest and relax properly. What little time I had to myself was spent doing as much as possible: housework, gardening, producing crops, harvesting, preserving, chicken keeping, DIY projects, knitting and more. All of these things are good and some of … More Making Time For Rest