Boom! We Got More Food Security

The Front Plot is now a legit growing space. Last season we dug up a rectangle out of most of the front lawn, leveled the ground somewhat, put a very small amount of compost on and grew pumpkins, squashes and corn in there. Now it was time to get more serious about growing more food … More Boom! We Got More Food Security

A Peaceful Weekend

In contrast to the eventful weekend before it, I recently got a holiday weekend. Ok, it was several weeks ago, but there’s been a lot going on here! It had been over a year since I’d been on a holiday so it was really nice to have a girls weekend away, even if it was … More A Peaceful Weekend

Making Time For Rest

Rest? What is this rest? Somewhere along the journey of motherhood I forgot how to rest and relax properly. What little time I had to myself was spent doing as much as possible: housework, gardening, producing crops, harvesting, preserving, chicken keeping, DIY projects, knitting and more. All of these things are good and some of … More Making Time For Rest