A Peaceful Weekend

In contrast to the eventful weekend before it, I recently got a holiday weekend. Ok, it was several weeks ago, but there’s been a lot going on here! It had been over a year since I’d been on a holiday so it was really nice to have a girls weekend away, even if it was only one night. We went to Rotorua, of hot pool and boiling mud fame. Here are some photos of my peaceful time away.

The Treewalk

A highlight for me – traipsing along bridges and platforms suspended up high through the redwood forest.

DSCF6891 3x2


Then a wander through the forest on the ground.

DSCF6917 3x2

The Place we Stayed in

Beautiful lakefront views, especially in the early morning light.



Kuirau Park

A swathe of geothermal activity: boiling mud, boiling pools, steam, sulfurous smells and tough natives that survive around the edges of these strange landscapes.



Next time, I will get to some of the stuff that’s been happening around the homestead. Have a peaceful week, everyone.

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