Autumn is Lovely

I have been enjoying autumn. I mean apart from the hard life circumstances. The weather has been far more settled than summer was. No more intense multi-day storms, aside from this atmospheric river thing we’re having this week, with very humid weather with random rain. There have been cooler days. And cool winds! It’s been … More Autumn is Lovely

Water Wise

Rainy Things We have had a bout of glorious rain. Well, before the part where it got stinkin’ hot again. It had been weeks since we’d had more than a humid, light spit, so we are rejoicing. We hadn’t had proper rain since Christmas. It’s always hard to believe that we could be praying for … More Water Wise

The Spring Crazies

The last few weeks have seen all sorts of things going on for us. I did some work for the elections, which was busy but fun and financially helpful. We went to Auckland one day to visit our youngest nephew, The Little Gingernut. We also walked in Cornwall Park and enjoyed watching and feeding the … More The Spring Crazies

It is Finished!

I came back from a weekend in Christchurch, full of love from time spent with family and fond, well-deserved memories of my late Nana, who was farewelled with a lovely memorial service that would have made her proud. If I can touch half as many lives as Nana did I will be doing well. I … More It is Finished!