The Swathe of Spring Seeds & Seedlings

I said I wasn’t going to grow potatoes this season because I didn’t have the space or inclination , but then I read one of those articles about the most pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and potatoes are one of them… So, I bought just a small bag of Agria seed potatoes; 5 to be precise, … More The Swathe of Spring Seeds & Seedlings

Good Crop, Bad Crop

Last time I talked about the pumpkins and squashes, which despite the powdery mildew and earlier-than-usual demise, still gave us decent crops. Except for the Pink Banana Jumbo squash, both plants of which grew like a stunted sloth and finally aborted their puny fruit. I blame the poor quality of the seeds. Plus the slugs … More Good Crop, Bad Crop