The Evolution of The Oxalis Bed

I am ready to let the Oxalis Bed go. I took it on from a neglected, weed-infested, weedmat-smothered thing, sprayed the armies of oxalis, watched as long-forgotten bulbs arose and transformed it into a nicely planted garden bed, which still has a lot of growing to do. Unfortunately, I never could eradicate all of the oxalis. Ah … More The Evolution of The Oxalis Bed

The Oxalis Bed War

I’m proposing a name change to The Oxalis Bed. Well, one of them. I have been fighting with this Oxalis Bed for almost a year and I feel like I’m starting to win. Maybe. When we moved in it was full of overgrown, grassy weeds, thistles, old roses and weedmat. After a grand effort clearing everything … More The Oxalis Bed War