New Garden Bed (Part 5)

Tonight, I am feeling very pleased with myself. The hard work phases of the garden bed are over! Yesterday, we got another load of pooh from my pooh supplier – I can officially call them that now. It was hard to tell who was more grateful – me for the large supply of free organic matter they were giving me, or them for the service we were doing in taking it away, thereby helping them avoid paying for a truck to remove it. They have 8 horses so it’s a never-ending supply. We all kept saying thanks, the guy gave The Husband a beer, and he emailed later to say thanks again. Isn’t it nice when everyone wins?

I won’t explain how hard it was getting it off the trailer, even with the plastic we put down. The supplier gave us an enthusiastic amount. So to cut a long story short, the bed has finally been filled and I still have a large supply of pooh for the rest of my garden. I have also added some rocks, which just leaves me with the fun part – planting!  The next photo I take will have some more colours in it.

DSCF7222 cp

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