Ellerslie Flower Show 2013

I have the privilege of volunteering at Ellerslie this year. This means I get to combine two of my favourite things – plants and helping. There are less display gardens than usual this year, but a few of them were quite inspiring. I had already chosen my favourite garden during the sneak peak we got as volunteers before the gardens were completed. I am pleased to report that the judges shared my opinion and awarded it both the Supreme Award and the Supreme Judges Award.

Revolutionising Reuse by Grant Stephens and Rebecca Hammond, H&S Landscapes (with guest appearance by Maggie Barrie)


A French Kiss in Akaroa by Ben Hoyle, Blue Gecko


Other gardens…


Student Designs


Feature Garden by Andy Ellis and Danny Kamo, with sculptures by Weta Workshop


Flower Beds


Fun floral letterboxes

DSCF6908 cp


What do you think?

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