New Garden Bed

The wheels are in motion for my newest garden bed. This stroke of brilliance came to me a week or so ago. Here is Ninja, surveying the site of the new garden bed. I marked out my desired shape with some rope, then sprayed the lawn and cut around the outline with my spade.DSCF7056 cp

Now, I haven’t got a big supply of money at the moment, so I have been scouring Trade Me for a cheap edging solution and some poo. Yesterday evening my darling Husband went and got me a trailer load of free horse poo, which is now sitting on the front lawn (on plastic, thankfully). We then went to pick up some concrete blocks that I also got on Trade Me for free, which I’ll use for the edging. So, I now have the ingredients for an almost free garden bed! The only thing is that it cost a lot of labour. That’s where The Husband came in handy. There were a lot of concrete blocks and they were very heavy. He faithfully wheeled in load after load with the wheelbarrow. And I made soup. Well, heated up frozen tomato soup from Friday’s batch. How convenient! The next step involves digging – my least favourite part. The ground is inconveniently dry at the moment. Stay tuned to see how my genius (or insanity) unravels…

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