Free Seeds

This Wildflower Mix is one of the free seed packets I got from Ellerslie. I don’t really have anywhere to use these (I already have a mental picture for my new garden bed) but I’m sure someone else would like them. First in, first served. Just comment below!


5 thoughts on “Free Seeds

  1. Enjoyed your blog!,I can only imagine the frenzy and chaos at ellerslie. Always wanted to go but never had the time. Anyway,my garden is looking pretty dry and the grass is dead. I’m loving this warm weather but we so need the rain.good luck with your garden and congrats on your website. Oh and I would love to have those seeds.



    1. Hi Susie. Thanks! It’s been pretty dry here too but I hear it’s been a lot worse up north. Hope you get some rain soon.
      Someone has beat you to the seeds, I’m afraid. Maybe next time…


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