New Garden Bed (Part 4)

This morning I had to ask The Husband to help me loosen up the soil in my new bed. Since it has been so dry, the soil was nice and hard and did not want to fraternise with the spade. So, out came the wrecking bar again. The husband did an excellent job loosening up the soil and then we were ready for the horse pooh. I was excited about pooh time. The Husband brought in wheelbarrow loads of pooh while I forked it in with the soil. I have never been so excited about pooh before; it surpassed all my previous pooh supplies with its excellent well-rotted state and dark, organic colour. But the pooh came to an end all too soon. Our trailer load was not quite enough to fill the back half of the bed, and it will settle down further than it is at the moment. Rats. I was hoping to be able to plant some plants. We’ll have to get another trailer load now, or maybe two, as I could do with some more around the garden. Apparently the guy has a giant mountain of it, so we can help to move his mountain. Such good pooh.

DSCF7136 cp

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