New Garden Bed (Part 3)

Laying the concrete blocks was a bit more work than I thought it would be. It took me quite a while, partly because I had to roll each block into place to reduce strain on my back and partly because many of the blocks had chunks of mortar attached to them which had to be hacked off with the wrecking bar. I don’t want to look at that wrecking bar again for a good long while. I also had to do some fiddly things with the cornering, which still need a bit of fiddling with. It’s not going to be highly professional-looking, but I like the rustic look.

DSCF7128 cp

Now, there were two slightly disturbing incidents that happened during this phase. Firstly, I discovered that I had uncovered an ants nest. This was signaled by the sudden appearance of ants running all over my legs as I knelt on the ground. Some of them even bit me before I could brush them off. They were running all over the ground like rabid beasts! I’ve never seen so many ants in Christchurch – shouldn’t they be in Auckland or something? Anyway, I avoided that patch of ground thereafter. The next incident occurred when The Husband came home from a job interview with his good clothes on. He was feeling in good spirits and wanted to share his enthusiasm by helping me finish up the last corner. He picked up the wrecking bar. He began wrecking. He stopped wrecking, as he had ‘wrecked’ his foot, simultaneously putting a hole through his good black shoe and cutting his toe. Good thing he had a shoe on. I told The Husband that I was grateful for his help, but that he was not to help me any further unless he went and put some gardening clothes on. He did not return. But that’s ok, I need his energy for the next phase – digging.

One Day Later…

Something interesting happened the next day. The Husband took it upon himself to improve my design. I wasn’t sure whether to feel insulted or pleased. However, I think it is actually an improvement.  The back section has been raised, which creates a better flow with the whole area, plus I won’t have to fill so many holes with plants (I want to plant ground covers in the holes, possibly Scleranthus). I just have to adjust my planting ideas into two beds now, which has increased the possibilities to the extent that I am having an internal argument about which concept to follow. Must fill it soon…

DSCF7129 cp

DSCF7130 cp


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