New Garden Bed (Part 7) – Fully Planted

About 10 days ago, I finished planting out the new garden bed. Hurray! Now I get to sit back and watch as the plants grow and fill out the space, and hopefully things will be looking more lush in spring. Yes, I know the lawn is already looking lush (Husband…).

All the plants I used are natives. I had planned on doing mostly natives with a few exotics, but there are just so many attractive and varying natives that I ended up going the whole hog. Here is my plant list.

Ground covers:

  • Acaena inermis ‘Purpurea’ (Purple Piripiri)
  • Mazus radicans (Radical Teat, Swamp Musk)
  • Scleranthus uniflorus

DSCF7468 cp


  • Carex comans (Bronze) (Longwood Tussock)
  • Carex trifida (Mutton-bird Sedge)
  • Isolepis cernua (Fiberoptic Grass)

DSCF7442 cp


  • Phormium ‘Jack Spratt’
  • Phormium ‘Sweet Mist’


  • Myosotidium hortensia (Chatham Island Forget-me-not)


  • Blechnum fluviatile (Water Fern)
  • Doodia media (Rasp Fern)
DSCF9051 cp
October update




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