Spring Flowers

We are almost half way through spring and it is about time I posted some photos of spring flowers from the garden. My spring flowers are mostly blues, reds and whites. Notably absent are the daffodils, of which I have the creamy white Erlicheer and Mount Hood. The odd weather played havoc with the daffodils, sending Erlicheer into bloom in the mild July weather, only to be pounded by some rough August weather. Mount Hood hasn’t made a show at all, maybe because spring arrived with sudden warmth this year. I will excuse it this time as the weather has been certifiably nuts.

Ajuga reptans ‘Jungle Beauty’ looks great with the bronze Carex comans and hardly needs any input. I have a few Chatham Island Forget-me-nots (Myosotidium hortensia) in my garden now, which are delightfully sky blue. I just have to keep throwing snail pellets at the plants so they don’t get ripped to shreds by crazed slugs and snails.

Swathed in flowers have been my pinky-blue pulmonaria, Penny Blacks and burgundy violas. The burgundy violas are definitely keepers as they have been flowering all through winter and just keep on going like little energizer bunnies.

After being potted up ready to head north with me, the red trilliums have flowered for the first time this year and look stunning. I also have some white ones which first flowered last year. They are special plants that take a while to get going, but the elusive flowers are worth waiting for. Some of my heucheras are beginning to flower.

My Royal Gala apple tree has some promising-looking flowers. The white broom (Cytisus praecox ‘Alba’) is flowering in profusion, and looks great from all sorts of angles. My white kakabeak is also flowering profusely, despite the fact that I am fighting a furious battle with its leaf predators. That is not all I have, but it is all for now. Now for some spring foliage…

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