I Got Poop!

Ah, yes. Yesterday was the day I got my poop! Well, not mine, but some horses’. This brown gold is food for my vege garden. I’m sure the veges will thank me later. I put on my gumboots, hitched up the trailer, got The Husband to grab a couple of shovels and we set the GPS for the address in the Cambridge direction. The poop supplier decision was not too difficult, as there aren’t as many free poop suppliers around here on Trade Me as there are around Christchurch. The winning factors were that it was free, worm drench-free and not too far out of Hamilton…

And we’re off! The presence of ponies is a good indication that we’re in the right place. I had advance warning that we had to shovel our own poop into the trailer, however, the poop is located in a small, muddy, poopy paddock where we can’t back the trailer right up to it. Cue good arm workout. Actually, good all-around body workout. The rain of the last few days has made the poop rather wet and slippery. Good choice with the gumboots. The Husband doesn’t have gumboots. Must get him gumboots. There isn’t a lot of poop left as I’m told a professional compost maker came a few days ago with a digger and took almost ALL of the poop. Poop hoarder! At least I’m impressed that I have the same idea as a professional. I would like to have a digger right now.

As I walk backwards and forwards with shovelfuls of poop, I miss my Christchurch poop supplier with his digger. Boy, he was great. We didn’t have to lift a finger, just watched him tip the mountain of poop into our trailer. After scraping what we can of the muck out of the paddock I call it a day. The Husband goes to move the car while I shut the gate. The car is stuck in the muddy ground. I find some small bits of wood, which The Husband wedges under the front tires and tries to move the car. The car is still stuck. The Husband unhitches the trailer and I drive the car out. Now we push, pull and heave the trailer with all our might, almost slipping over, almost losing the will to push, until we finally get it up out of the brown paddock. Whew, that was hard work. Sure, we could have gone and asked the householders for help, but why do that when you can build even more muscles? We drive away and I say, “I think I’ll find another poop supplier.”

A few hours later, as I sit on the couch feeling pleased with myself and my poop, the exhilaration of my muscle workout has obviously set in, and I think to myself, I feel like going to get some more poop…

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