Pallet Missions

The Husband has become a big fan of pallet missions. He usually undertakes these at night, either with mates or by himself. Sometimes, like last night, he gets me to go along with him. He knows a number of spots around the city where he can find good wooden pallets at the side of the road, free to take for any who dare.

We needed to go to The Husband’s parent’s place to pick up their trailer, which I wanted for a horse pooh mission for the vege garden. The Husband dragged me away from a pending hot chocolate and blog transformation so I could help him get some pallets on the way home to use for firewood. I don’t really like using pallets for firewood. It seems like such a waste of usable wood to me. Every time I put a piece of sawn pallet wood in the fire I think about how it could have made a planter box or any other number of useful things. But then I remind myself that it is free firewood, and there are plenty more pallets out there. The Husband’s mountainous trailer loads remind me of that every time he comes back from a pallet mission.

So, on a cold and rainy winter night I put on my woolly, self-knitted hat, a scarf, gloves and boots and headed off with The Husband. The Husband’s Father kindly gave us a bit of proper firewood from his stash, a collection of pots from a family member’s estate and two pumpkins. He also offered to show The Husband how to use his old school bench saw another day during the daylight! The Husband’s Father is very thrifty, innovative and handy with a great many things.

Next we set off on the pallet mission. We found a few small piles of pallets but The Husband passed them up because he didn’t think they were good enough. I was starting to wonder if we were going to arrive home without any pallets when The Husband spotted a grand pile of pallets at one of his special spots. Ok, sure, I shouldn’t have doubted his pallet sense. I thought we would just put a few pallets on top of the firewood but under his guidance we ended up with a stack of 8 pallets perched there, the whole load reaching higher than our heads. This is where the truck-weight ratchet came to the party to hold everything down. It was a find along the road one day. Thus, we arrived home with a really good haul of free stuff! That makes me happy. Then The Husband knocked one of my ceramic plant pots off the back door step…

DSCF0369 ed cp

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