Cushion Cover

DSCF0652 cp

I have finished knitting my cushion cover! Thank goodness. It took a little longer than I expected. Doing the back in stockinette stitch was very uninspiring. I am also pleased to say that I finished it before starting my next knitting project. Wow, so much self control! I am quite chuffed with it and it fits the cushion inner nicely. The pattern I used is called Woven Cushion by Debbie Bliss. I probably have just enough yarn, and by that I mean not quite enough yarn, to make another one. I could always use a different yarn to finish a couple of rows that would be hidden under the flap at the back if I have to. Desperate times call for desperate measures. As usual, there is NONE of this yarn left in the store. I think I need to start hoarding more yarn. Anyway, all notions of a second cushion cover will have to wait. I’m off to start my much anticipated log cabin rug now…


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