What Shall I Put on my Sandwiches? #2 – Salmon Salad

Following along from the egg salad, I wanted to experiment with tinned fish. I used to hate tinned fish, and I still hate a lot of tinned fish. But recently I have been foraying into the world of tinned salmon. I’m not entirely sure where this notion came from. I think it was a combination of looking for more healthy sandwich options and trying to consume more fish. I don’t get to eat fish as often as I would like, as The Husband is not a big fish fan. So as much as I prefer fresh fish, tinned fish is a more practical option for fitting fish into my week via lunches.

I tried tinned salmon with salad on sandwiches a couple of times and was not inspired to continue. But then I found this recipe for Tuna Fish Salad by Emily on Allrecipes.com. I used tinned salmon instead of tuna and upped the amount of celery and onion a bit. I put it on my homemade bread with some spinach leaves. And you know what? I really liked it. And it is yet another use for my homemade mayo!

As usual, I chuck everything straight into the storage container, then mix it up. Who needs to create more dishes by using a mixing bowl? Sure, it ain’t a pretty display, but it’s real life. I’m not being lazy, I’m being practical. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself…

DSCF0638 cp
Salmon salad sandwich. Mmmmm.

DSCF0639 cp

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