I Made Liquid Soap

Today I am the proud brewer of some liquid soap. Liquid soap is handy. Liquid soap is tidy. And it feels nice. That’s why I wanted to make some. Now, I didn’t make it from scratch, rather I turned a bar of Sunlight soap into liquid soap. I did a wee bit of research on the internet to find a recipe for my great plan. I stumbled upon How to Make Natural Liquid Soap by Tanya at Lovely Greens. Some day I might attempt to make my own bar soap, but for now I am using Sunlight soap because it has good ol’ glycerin in it.

So great was this plan, it requires two ingredients: soap and water. The water was supposed to be filtered, but we haven’t got filtered so I figured unfiltered water would be fine… I chopped/flaked the bar of soap into small pieces, chucked them in a pot, then poured in the water. Once all the bits of soap had melted it was just a matter of sitting the pot on the bench to cool, covering it and letting it become squidgy overnight. This morning I stirred up the goop and funneled it into pump bottles and a glass jar.

This was ridiculously easy. I want to do it forevermore. There are a few things to note. Firstly, the liquid soap is only supposed to be usable for a month, otherwise there’s too much risk of bacterial nasties developing, unless some kind of preservative is added. Secondly, I probably should have noted that note before I made a whole batch. Thirdly, a few drops of essential oils can be added afterwards to make it smell prettier, if you care about that sort of thing. I don’t care much about that sort of thing yet. But I have just received my first lemon and tea tree essential oils in the mail today, so perhaps I’ll make one pump bottle a lemon one…

DSCF0896 cp
It’s kind of fun playing with the goop.
DSCF0904 cp
Bottled goop! Now there’s a winning name.

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