2021 Homestead Report

Here is the post on the aims and goals at the start of 2021. To say 2021 was an interesting year would be an understatement. It was all-over-the-place. New Zealand experienced a bit more of what the rest of the world had been facing with lockdowns and other restrictions. I started the year eager to … More 2021 Homestead Report

Making Beeswax Wraps

I’ve had the ingredients and recipe for making beeswax wraps sitting on my desk for a while, waiting to be done. I hadn’t made beeswax wraps before and I didn’t want to start them then go into labour and have them half done or messed up. But, since Little Seedpod has no regard for due … More Making Beeswax Wraps

2019 Homestead Report

The biggest post of the year is here. 2019 was the year of trying to get stuff done through respiratory illness. The list of goals I wrote at the start of the year could be described as insane, which I realised fairly soon after. I wasn’t counting on a rollercoaster of respiratory issues to carry … More 2019 Homestead Report