In which Twiglet gets a New Job

Things have gotten a little nuts around here again. In the midst of peak vege sowing season I have managed to fit in the arduous task of weeding the whole vege garden, spent all three evenings of the weekend having dinner at family and friends’ places, acquired a new job and started the new job on Friday. I am currently juggling my old and new jobs until next Tuesday when I’ll be down to one. I am rather excited to be back to an admin job after being a support worker for most of the last two years. I missed you, spreadsheets! I love spreadsheets. I make spreadsheets for all sort of things: plant propagation, tea orders with The Little Sister-in-law, product prices, knitting, holiday plans, monthly garden tasks and plants I want to buy. My most impressive spreadsheet effort was my ‘Garden’ spreadsheet, a simple name that entailed one sheet for each section of my old Christchurch garden, with the botanical name, common names, source, PVR status, description, flowering season, height, width, type, water needs, light needs, price and number of plants for every single plant in the garden. It was a very sad day when I lost the full up-to-date version of it, along with many other spreadsheets, when our hard drive died earlier this year. I can barely speak of the hard drive incident. Ah, yup, I’m a spreadsheet nerd.

Anyway, my main point was that things are a tad busy at the moment. I’m busting with things to write about and to do, but you fullas will have to be a tad patient while I sort myself out. Meanwhile, the sun is finally shining, the plants are still growing (apart from the ones affected by the Cat Incident…) and life is good.

Pratia pedunculata & Leptinella squalida 'Platts Black'
Pratia pedunculata (White Star Creeper) mixed with Leptinella squalida ‘Platts Black’ (Brass Buttons).

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