Things that Cats Shouldn’t do

Nala guilty face
Nala’s guilty face.

One morning last week, something terrible happened. It involved the cat – Nala. Don’t worry, she’s ok. Well, whether she’s mentally ok is debatable. It began the night before, when the air was filled with the unusually loud voices of two cats screeching. I got Nala inside and discovered that she had a little bit of blood on her face. I think it was just a cut but she was also looking very squinty and was purring excessively. We decided to keep her inside for the night. The only times she’s ever allowed to stay inside at night are when there’s something wrong with her or when it’s extremely stormy or snowing. This is not because we’re mean, but because she’s nuts. Anyone who knows Nala knows how talkative and loud she is. If she’s inside she demands to be paid attention to in the wee hours of the night or morning. But the worst part is she’s smart. She will do things like scratching the mattress, nibbling my houseplants, ripping paper, patrolling the headboard and tipping things onto the floor until we get so mad we get up. She knows exactly what she’s doing. So she sleeps outside. But not this night, because I wanted to make sure she was ok.

When I got up in the morning, The Husband had fed her and left her inside. Then I discovered the Terrible Thing. I smelt it first, the smell of poop. I looked around on the floor, then saw, to my horror, the Terrible Thing on the dining table. Three of my seedling trays had been dug into and there was a smelly poop in the middle of my nasturtium tray. I think my mouth dropped open. Now, obviously, being a smarty pants, Nala had found some ‘soil’ to poop in. But I would rather she had pooped on the floor. Fortunately, my tomatoes were ok. After removing the offending item I was sad to see that my nasturtium tray, which previously had nine perfectly germinated and lined up nasturtiums was down to six unbroken seedlings. The others had been disturbed so I decided to give them an early start to life in the garden.

DSCF0927 cp
The Terrible Thing, minus the offending item.

I was a little peeved at The Husband for leaving Nala inside when he got up. But then he said he had cleaned up some spew. So I guess we were even. But not really, because mine was so much worse! Nala seems to be fine now. And I don’t think she’s gonna be staying inside any night soon…

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