In Which The Vege Plans Get Carried Away

Thanks to my new job, this weekend is not only the first weekend in ages that I don’t have to work, but it is a long weekend, thanks to Labour Day. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I have great vege plans for this weekend, as well as plans to get some of my other 10 million projects done. I am not usually a big Labour Weekend planter-er; I don’t like to be like everyone else and I like to get stuff in earlier. It’s just how things have panned out this season. I have a problem though. I think the vege garden is bigger in my mind than in my backyard.

DSCF1038 cp
The rosemary and oregano in their new large planter home.

Amidst the busyness of changing jobs and working more, I have been digging round in the soil getting things ready for The Great Planting this weekend. The guys get to play in the dirt at work; I come home and play in the dirt. I have been moving herbs around to make more space, pulling out some of the parsley that is going to seed and I finished reclaiming the lawn-covered concrete edging around the vege garden. In the winter I had forgotten to poop the strip of garden along the carport, which is empty but for a wisteria at one end. I scored some free bagged horse pooh from near work thanks to a tip-off from a workmate. It turned out to be mostly sawdust with some pooh in it, which was rather too fresh, but I was desperate. The Husband had dumped masses of grass clippings from an intense lawn mowing session (broken mower = neglected lawn) into the compost bin on top of the last of my useable compost. Upon digging the carport bed, I found a never-ending, pretty well dead log of wisteria running along the ’empty’ end. I kept digging but it went under the carport and I have yet to get it out fully. Or partially. I would like to get rid of all the wisteria in there (maybe potting some up) so I can fit more edibles in. But it is a beast. Maybe The Husband could help with that…

DSCF0990 cp
The never-ending log of wisteria.

I finally got around to measuring up my vege garden and making a scale plan of it in a good old spreadsheet. I have done it so that one square equals 5cm square, making it easy to figure out plant spacings. I should have done this ages ago. I usually make a scale plan so I can plan what to put in where like a good little organisation freak. Not that I always stick to it, but it helps stop me from going nuts. My vege plans have gone a little nuts. It was Wednesday night when I was doing up the spreadsheet that I had my first reality check. I had too many tomato plants. There were 28 – none of the seedlings had bombed out –  and according to my spreadsheet I could fit a maximum of 20 into the vege garden. So on Thursday morning I offered some to my new manager, as he was going to buy some tomato plants for the weekend. As we were talking, I suddenly remembered that I had cucumber seedlings that I had not planned a space for. And I was going to buy a couple of pumpkin plants too. Argh! That night I attacked my plan again and figured I could have 18 tomato plants. I offered some plants to my parents.

Vege Plan
The Vege Plan is in progress. It’s still changing…

I am still working on my plan as I write. I haven’t put all my existing plants in there yet and I’ve been trying to figure out how many potatoes I can fit in. I went out to the garage to count them in my dressing gown last night and was thinking about them when I should have been sleeping. I will have to plant some of my potatoes in containers, as I have 9 more than I can fit in the garden at the moment. After checking the forecast this evening, I brought the tomato plants inside as there is supposed to be a frost in the morning. What’s up with that? We haven’t had a frost for a month. Anyway, I discovered that one of my Small Fry seedlings has a damaged stem. Which is kind of helpful, as I have two more cucumbers to fit in. And so the plan keep evolving. Tomorrow is going to be interesting…

DSCF1040 ed cp
The tomatoes, getting a sheltered night inside before The Great Planting.


Vege garden October
The vege garden, recently weeded and ready for more plants.

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