Out Comes The Garlic

The garlic has surprised me with its readiness to be harvested. I thought it would take longer to mature, but, hey, I’m in Hamilton now. I wasn’t very good at feeding my garlic this season. As in, I didn’t feed it anything other than the green manure and a little bit of horse poop that I fed the soil. Oops. I meant to make some kind of liquid feed but I kind of forgot… Anyway, the garlic tops had gone on a lean and were yellowing, signalling that the garlic was ready to be harvested. I dug up 20 bulbs, some of which are a pretty decent size considering their neglect. I did water them though…

Garlic plants
Garlic plants ready to be harvested.
DSCF2122 cp
The garlic harvest, minus one, roughly in order of planted clove size, with biggest cloves on the left.

After drying out in the sun for a few days, and on the porch when it rained, it was time to hang the garlic. I was going to google how to plait it. I have previously just hung it in a bunch. However, while I was potting up plants, a mysterious rustling noise turned out to be The Husband, plaiting my garlic on the back porch. Turns out he’s the french braider of the pair of us. I’m feeling a bit manly right now. One day I’ll learn, if only for the garlic. The Husband did a pretty good job too, and hung them in the garage to dry further. I’ll save the biggest ones to plant this winter. And thus, the cycle begins…

DSCF2151 cp

DSCF2156 cp

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