What Will I Harvest Next?

I have been harvesting a few more things lately. Here is my first orange carrot (Bastille) and my first purple carrot (Cosmic Purple). The purple carrots are orange/yellow on the inside and taste pretty similar to orange carrots, although I prefer orange carrots so far. I’m surprised how well my vegetable nemesis is doing thus far. But I’m willing to bet there are some weirdo carrots lurking in the carrot patch.

Carrot 'Bastille'
Carrot ‘Bastille’.
Carrot 'Cosmic Purple'
Carrot ‘Cosmic Purple’.
Carrot 'Cosmic Purple'
Carrot ‘Cosmic Purple’, with its hairy, purple leaf bases.

And here is my long-awaited Billington plum, which I originally thought was the sole fruit on my young tree. But there is ANOTHER one. I ate this one, so The Husband gets the next one. It was very juicy – look at that juiciness! Grow little tree, grow.

Plum 'Billington'
Plum ‘Billington’.
DSCF2196 cp
Plum ‘Billington’, in all its juicy glory.

I have also started digging a few ‘Agria’ potatoes out of the potato bed. I feel some potato salad coming on. Or maybe even wedges. Mmm I need to make some more aioli…

Potato 'Agria'
Potato ‘Agria’.

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