Apricot Chutney, Round 2

You may have heard of the Apricot Chutney Disaster of 2015. If not, never mind. What? Nothing! Look over there, it’s a flying monkey!

DSCF2426 ed cp
Roughly chopped apricots.

Today The Husband assisted me to make some perfectly sane apricot chutney. I got the apricots for a fairly good price at one of the Asian supermarkets. The recipe is taken from the book Ladies, a Plate: Jams and Preserves by Alexa Johnston. It involves some chopping, pouring and spice bag preparing, then everything goes into a large pot. The next part involves slowly (SLOWLY) simmering everything for at least an hour until the liquid has reduced.

DSCF2430 cp
Finely chopped onions, courtesy of Mr Choppy.
DSCF2433 cp
Spices, ready to go in the spice bag.
DSCF2636 cp
I like recipes that say, “Put everything in the pot”.

We made a bit over 3L of apricot chutney. The recipe said 2L so maybe we could have reduced it further, but it seems good to me (or to The Husband). You’re supposed to let it sit for at least two months to mature, but we decided to use the partially filled one at the front now. Coz we can. And it is tasty! I love it when things are tasty. And when they work…

Apricot chutney in jars
Finished apricot chutney! The one at the front is our opened one.
Apricot chutney full jars
Nice full jars. These will sit for a couple of months to ‘mature’.

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