Log Cabin Rug Update And Other Matters

Yes, the Twiglet is still sick, or the siglet is twig, as my brain puts it. This is stink for me, but great for you, as you get more blog posts while I’m bed-ridden. I did my best to remain bed-ridden yesterday, but I had to get up later in the afternoon to water the garden. A garden can’t water itself and neither can The Husband. I mean The Husband can’t water the garden; he isn’t a qualified waterer yet. Maybe I should train him properly.

The Husband decided that what a sick Twiglet needed was a new phone. A smart phone. Goodbye flippy phone. My brain couldn’t wrap itself around this; all I wanted was a hot lemon drink and a rest from intellectual stimulation. Then things got worse. In his eagerness to provide everything I needed for the phone switch-over by putting my same phone number on a new SIM card, The Husband vanished all my phone numbers in the twinkle of an eye. This was especially helpful seeing as I had to ring my boss this morning to inform him of my sickness. Fortunately, my mental faculties were intact enough to solve this problem. That is, once the freak-out had subsided… The moral of the story is, when your spouse is sick, don’t get them technology, just get them lemons. And tissues. And food. And maybe a big red button so they can alert you to any other needs. Oops, that might be technology. A bell would suffice.

Ah yes, I was going to say something about the rug. The great knitted Log Cabin Rug hasn’t progressed too far yet, as summer has been STINKING HOT, which isn’t very conducive to knitting. I have, however, managed to knit enough squares (six) for the first row. This may look somehwat impressive but this is just the width of the rug. The length will be eight squares long. Yup, it’s gonna take a while. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve started another project in-between. Well, everyone’s got to have a side-project, right? I will introduce you to that project a little later.

DSCF2664 cp
The first row of the rug. Maybe.

If you look closely at the first square (the first one I knitted), you may notice that it’s munted. Somehow I knitted the central brown square so that the stitching is facing the wrong way. Most people probably wouldn’t notice it on a finished rug, but it’s far too despicable for a control freak like me, so I will have to fix it up or knit it again.

DSCF2669 cp

Ok, that’s enough intellectual stimulation for now. Here’s hoping for some wellness tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Log Cabin Rug Update And Other Matters

  1. Thanks, Jo. I rather like that idea actually, perhaps I should put the dud square in the middle of my rug to remind me that life isn’t perfect and that even our mistakes can be used for good. Then every time someone notices it, it can serve as a life lesson and conversation point. I think you have a stroke of genius there!


  2. The Amish call it a humility block. Perhaps you should keep it and feature it. Love the colors. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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