A Big Little Announcement

There’s no good way to segway into this when I’m too tired and excited at this stage of the week, so here goes. Pause for dramatic effect…

There is a Little Twiglet on the way! Ah, what a relief it has been to finally let it out today, after 12 weeks. The Husband and I are excited and I am immensely enjoying shocking everyone with our news. Now I can explain a few things: the weediness of my garden, the spaz moments of various calibre (take that apricot chutney!) and the intense tiredness of late. However, I am well, other than getting over the last drizzles of that nasty cold, and happy.

Now I can also reveal my secret knitting project that I started amidst knitting my log cabin rug. I am knitting a baby blanket for the Little Twiglet. Obviously I don’t know if it will be a boy Twiglet or a girl Twiglet yet, but there’s nothing wrong with a little blue! Especially when you don’t like pink… I had gotten a bit further along than this, but then realised I had copied the pattern out wrong in my spreadsheet. Cue some backwards progress. Or regress. But it’s ok, I can blame it on pregnancy. Hehe.

DSCF2709 cp
Baby blanket.

It will have a nice waffle pattern when I get a bit further.

DSCF2712 cp
Baby blanket close-up.

I have one more problem, The Big Sister is also pregnant. That’s not the problem; being pregnancy buddies is awesome. But I want to knit something for her baby too. That means three knitting projects for one pregnant woman. We’ll see how that pans out. Don’t worry, I’ve got the yarn already…


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