Too Much Excitement For One Weekend?

Balloons Over Waikato
Balloons Over Waikato – one of the pros of living in the Waikato

Life is exciting! It should always be exciting, but sometimes it gets extra exciting. And I think it’s important to show our excitement instead of glossing over it and worrying about the unexciting parts that are always lurking around. Next weekend is an extra exciting time for me for three reasons:

1. We are moving into our new house

2. I will be halfway through my pregnancy

3. We are getting chickens!

Aren’t I great at doing so many things at once? And when I say great I mean totally nuts. It’s not that I purposely try to be superwoman, it just seems to pan out in that direction… I have to keep reminding myself, while I’m pregnant, that I’m not superwoman. Being pregnant means I’m not as highly functional as I usually am. Anyway, I had to make a quick decision about the chickens in order to get the ones I wanted, otherwise I would’ve had to wait another 10-12 weeks for the next batch, then it would be another 6-9 weeks before they started laying, which would just be getting a bit too close to the Little Twiglet coming round the mountain for me to enjoy the whole process. I am getting 3 young pullets, which I will tell you all about later on, and I have been cramming chicken information from books and the internet into my head in preparation.

Moving into our new house is so awesome! And it will potentially be done in a fit of chaos. I am trying to avoid chaos, but sometimes it can’t be helped when other people have busy lives too. We will just do our best at the time and try to enjoy it instead of stressing about it, and I will try not to push myself too hard in the hopes of avoiding a mental breakdown. I have discovered the pregnancy ‘mental breakdown’, which isn’t much fun for anyone, even if it is about illogical and seemingly small things. The Husband has learned that it is not good to laugh at me or joke around when I start getting antsy.

Garden preparation for moving has involved weeding, tidying and potting up plants that I want to take with me. I have yet to attempt to dig out my precious rhubarb. That’s going to be fun. ‘Fun’. I think I shall do it on Friday, wrap the roots in wet newspaper, then bung it straight into the new garden. The week before last I planted some lettuce and kale seedlings in big plastic pots to take with us. Not knowing what state the new vege garden will be in after being all alone for a while, these veges will give us something to keep going on. At the moment they’re two or three times the size they were in these photos.

Transportable kale
Transportable kale.
Transportable lettuce
Transportable lettuce.

Packing continues in fits and starts when we can fit it in, or when we can win over the procrastination. It is important to have relaxation time too, as that keeps us happy and sane. Bring on the sanity!

Alpaca baby
A little alpaca cutie at The Waikato Show.

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