Return to The Secret Nut Club

Amidst the busyness of moving, I managed to get myself down to the Secret Nut Club. It has been over 6 months since I have been able to make it, but I wasn’t expecting too much since The Parents-in-law said it hadn’t been that great lately.

Well, I was in for a bit of a shock. Arriving early, I was fifth in line. I took one plastic bag at the start. Poor choice. The selection was anything but poor; the shelves were bursting with nuts, dried fruit, mixes, seeds and all sorts of goodies. My solitary plastic bag was soon stuffed and bulging and one handle broke under the strain. Fortunately, I have a screw-up fabric bag in my handbag, so that came to the rescue to share the load. It was all ridiculously frantic and exciting, made more intense by the lack of labelling on the shelves and lack of pricing on the bags. This meant I had to guess whether the peanuts and almonds were raw, roasted, salted or what, and I had no idea how much everything was going to cost. They had a price list on the far wall, but it was so frantic choosing things, with people behind me eager to get their fair share, that I couldn’t figure everything out in time, so I just totally guessed. As I got close to the counter I was tossing up whether I could squish a bag of quinoa or chia seeds into my $100 cash limit or not. Fortunately, I decided not, as my haul came to $97. Whew! Good call!

The haul
The haul – each bag just over 1kg of goodness.

Here’s what I ended up with: 2 bags of roasted peanuts (for peanut butter), 2 bags of raw almonds (for almond milk), 2 bags of sunflower seeds, 1 bag of sesame seeds, 1 bag of wheatgerm, 1 bag of sultanas, 1 bag of mixed nuts and 2 bags of mixed fruit, seeds and nuts (1 for my workmate).

At just over 1 kg per bag, that shall keep us going on those things for a wee while! Until next time, Secret Nut Club…

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