The Weekend of Nuttiness: More Nutty Than You Expect

I’m back, people! There has been an unexpected two weeks without internet at our new home, just to add to the general nuttiness of my life at the moment. Surviving without the interwebs at home is a tough challenge. Mind you, I’ve been far too busy to miss the interwebs, right? Yes… Poor blog, I have missed you dearly. Don’t worry, I will make up for it with an onslaught of saved-up posts and things that I have to say to the world. Here’s looking back on the weekend of nuttiness…

The feijoa carpet
The feijoa carpet awaiting us.

I don’t even know how to begin to describe moving weekend, except to say that it was blimmin’ nuts. It’s a bit depressing, but don’t worry, it gets better at the end! We didn’t get the house key until late Friday afternoon, so only got one trailer load of stuff moved that evening. Saturday dawned with pouring rain. But fear not, it was supposed to clear later in the morning. That it did not. It rained on and on until dinner time; one of the worst rainfalls of the year.

Saturday was a blur of rain-soaked running back and forth between cars and trailers, with armloads and trolley loads of stuff. We had hired a large furniture trailer to compliment the moving truck with two men that we had hired for a couple of hours to help out with the bigger stuff. They had to be postponed until Sunday as they couldn’t get under the powerline over the driveway, meaning our furniture would get soaked en route to the roadside for loading. We had already moved our food and various other bits and pieces to the house, so decided we had to get enough there on Saturday so we could stay the night there, which we did. Naturally, when I lay down to rest my weary body, Little Twiglet decided that this was the night of his/her first movement appearance, like a full-on party going on in there. Oh, Little Twiglet, I guess you just wanted to join in the excitement.

Thankfully, Sunday was largely fine, and thus passed another blur of a day with moving and cleaning. We finished around 9pm on Sunday. I have to say a huge thanks to The Parents, who moved stuff all through the horrible rains and helped pack and clean, and The Parents-in-law, who helped move stuff and did masses of house cleaning all through Sunday. We are so blessed to have such awesome parents who helped us out like troopers when no one else was around. Also, The Husband was like a superhero all weekend. He moved boxes and furniture like a machine and didn’t get angry at me at all, which is a hard task in a stressful situation. He’s my hero. Aw.

Despite the hideousness of the moving task, I found glimmers of excitement tucked away among the nuttiness: the muffins baked by both The Mother and The Mother-in-law, as well as bacon and egg pie (PIE!), discovering the dark, dark soil when digging my rhubarb into the new vege garden, the tui swooping across my new garden and the soft carpet for weary feet. Ah, the little things. What spare time we had during the rest of the week was spent unpacking, shifting furniture around the rooms, picking up chickens, fixing up the chicken coop and having my 20-week pregnancy scan. Oh, that’s why I was exhausted!

Neighbour's sheep
The neighbour’s sheep will eat anything that falls in their paddock.

There are just odd bits and pieces to do now, so I’m feeling a lot more relaxed. And I have to tell you, the countryside is a beautiful thing. I wish we’d moved to the country sooner! It’s so peaceful, quiet and private. We have sheep next door, which we can hear and we can watch them eating all sorts of random things, like the tangelos that fell during my fruit tree pruning. We have chickens, which are my new babies that I feel very responsible for. They are the cutest things, they’re fascinating to watch and they’re getting used to me too. I’ll introduce the chickens properly to you later. There are also the fruit trees, which I have started pruning to let more light in and remove dead and awkward branches. The fruit we currently have in season are apples, tangelos, feijoas and lemons. And walnuts! There is so much to do and to talk about, but that will suffice for now, I think. Do come again…

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