When The Booties Almost Went Horribly Wrong

You know when you’re so busy feeling pleased with how your knitting project is progressing (for those of us who knit) that you don’t realise that something is horribly wrong? Yeah. I finally got around to starting some booties for my incoming nephew, ETA 1 month. I meant to start them sooner, but, well, there have been things. And seeing as this is the first time I have knitted booties and the first time I have used double-pointed needles, I probably should have chosen a simple, straight-forward pattern. But that’s not how I roll. Dammit.

After watching a You Tube video about joining knitting in the round, I thought I had it sussed. Off I went, knitting then purling, round and round. Oh, how marvelous; look at me and my fancy-looking needle-work. Ha! Then I realised the thing that was horribly wrong. When knitting in the round, the work doesn’t get flipped around from side to side, it is always on the same side. Duh. So I had more or less done a bunch of garter stitch. Oops! Ah the moment of horrid enlightenment. Fortunately, I hadn’t actually done that much, although it felt like a massive amount of progress to a busy, tired, pregnant woman with tiny needles.

Knitting booties
Just coz it looks pretty doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong with it…

This called for pyjama time, a hot drink and a serious position on the couch with the blanket so I could undo my ‘progress’ and start again. Now I have progressed beyond where I was before the enlightenment. It is actually looking like the picture on the pattern now. I will take a photo when I’ve made some more ‘progress’. Always check the pictures. Always. And preferably don’t watch River Cottage while you’re starting something new that requires full attention. Feelings of self-sufficiency are distracting…

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