Gather ye Walnuts While ye May

This afternoon I was feeling remarkably awake. These days I’m often feeling like a fat, tired sloth, running on not enough sleep, so I was quite pleased with myself for the presence of some energy. One of the things I did was harvest some walnuts from the large walnut tree beside our driveway. I should have done a big harvest before the heavy rains of late came forth, but I was a fat, tired sloth. This means some of the walnuts are too sodden now. I’ve noticed they can get mouldy or rotten quite easily if they aren’t squirreled away to a dry place. Hopefully most of today’s harvest will be ok after some drying out in the house. In future I will have to keep an eye on the falling walnuts and gather them while I may.

It is very handy having free walnuts to put in my homemade muesli, salads and apple crumble topping. What I haven’t done yet, but what is at the forefront of my mind, is making something chocolatey with walnuts in it. The tough decision is, shall it be brownie or afghan biscuits?

A slightly moist walnut harvest.

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