Making a Mobile

My search for a baby mobile was getting a bit fruitless. Mobiles cost quite a bit of money and while I found a few that I liked, they all had aspects that I didn’t like. Many of them were too kooky. One had four of exactly the same animal hanging from it – doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Some had colours that didn’t sit right with me and some had hardly any colour at all. And why does a mobile have to cost that much? Well, I decided to make my own. Now, this isn’t a fancy pancy mobile, it is a very simple one.

DSCF3493 cp

I found three wooden coat hangers in the wardrobe. Then I did a little cheap toy shopping at some dollar stores and The Warehouse, ending up with six soft toys. After removing two of the coat hanger hooks and drilling holes in the bottom of the first and second coat hangers (ok, The Husband did that part), I basically strung the coat hangers together and hung the toys on with string, one at each end of each coat hanger. Now we just have to find a way to hang it over the cot. It cost $24 to make, which was the price of the soft toys.

DSCF3488 cp
Ok, so hanging it from the light shade wasn’t the best photographic choice…

And here are all the delightful wee characters…



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