The Feather Children get a New Feeder

My, how the feather babies have grown. I have had them for 2 months now, although it feels like they’ve been around for so much longer. They are somewhere around 19-21 weeks old. Any day now, surely, an egg will appear. Bring forth the eggs, chickens! Although it is winter, so I don’t blame them if they hold off for a while. But just one egg would be nice. Any takers? Frodo has always been the smallest and probably youngest so my bet’s on either Strider or Sam, with all her Orpington rotundness.

It’s that green time of day. I’ve learnt to hang up the greens so the chickens can peck off small pieces, otherwise there’s a risk of them trying to swallow big pieces whole and getting them stuck in their crop. It’s also good neck exercise!

Last weekend The Husband and I went to the Fieldays. I found it quite interesting, with lots of farmy stuff to look at, although there weren’t nearly enough animals around for my liking. After a few hours of walking around I was reduced to the state of a snail and could barely move another inch. The great success of the day, other than me getting some extensive exercise, was the purchase of a chicken feeder and a chicken water bell.

Chicken feeder and waterer
The new chicken feeder and waterer.

Previously I had the chickens’ food and water in plastic bowls weighted down with bricks and raised on some bits of wood, but they would still get messy and slugs has started getting attracted to and drowned in the apple cider vinegar that I add to the chickens’ water for good health. Not that the slugs drowning was a bad thing, but it doesn’t make for clean water… The Husband attached the food and water bells with some hooks and rope. At first the chickens were a bit wary of the weird swinging things, but they soon realised that they were the bearers of good things.

Strider, aka Little Miss Curiosity

2 thoughts on “The Feather Children get a New Feeder

  1. Your chook pen looks lovely, and your girls are obviously happy! I keep mine entertained with a big cage of wormwood in the center of their yard to peck at and play with. Added benefit, it helps with lice and mites if you put it in their nesting boxes!


    1. Thanks Kathy. They are very active and curious girls. When it gets warmer I’m going to plant some artemisia and comfrey in there for them. I would actually like to do a bit of a caged plant row along one wall of the pen. Are there any other plants you would recommend for the chickens to peck at? I just planted out my garlic today and scattered the excess skins in the chicken house. =)


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