A Lactose-free Discovery

Here is a very exciting discovery that I made recently: lactose-free yoghurt. Yes! The day I discovered it was a good day. I hadn’t had yoghurt for rather a while before this. I am most excited because not only is it tasty and creamy, but it is good to find an easy source of probiotics that I can eat. And it’s organic. And it’s in the nearest New World to our place. Genius! Also, it was there to help soothe the razor blades in my throat when I was really sick. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?…

Lactose-free yoghurt
Soooo good!

The company who makes it is called Retro Organics and is situated down in Tuturau, Southland. There are three flavours that I have seen, aside from plain: Orange & Mango, Raspberry and a honey one. I have tried the first two and Orange & Mango is my favourite at the moment. Unfortunately, I have eaten all of my stash. Must go to supermarket now…

2 thoughts on “A Lactose-free Discovery

    1. Yes, I’m sure they must have lactose-free yoghurt somewhere in the US if lil ol’ New Zealand has it; it’s just a matter of where! We’ve had lactose-free UHT milk here for quite a while but apparently this company is the first to offer lactose-free fresh milk and yoghurt, just in the last few years.


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