Babies, Booties and Bronchitis

Well, things have sure gotten interesting around here and not just in a good way. Lets start with something happy, then go for something bad, then end with something happy. Like a compliment sandwich in the form of a blog.

My new nephew was born almost 2 weeks ago; a nice big 4.31kg parcel of life. All are doing well and adjusting to the new life, but I haven’t gotten to meet him yet. Just days later I was struck down by a a hideous monster of a sickness. But it actually turned out to be two infections for the price of one and I didn’t want either of them! That was a week-and-a-half ago and I am finally going back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness, because being stuck in the house not being able to do much of anything has just about driven me to insanity. The first infection appeared to be a bacterial beast that caused such a sore throat and other horrible things that it almost broke me. That started to subside as I took antibiotics but then a sinister chesty/wheezy cough took over, which was thought to be viral bronchitis. I haven’t had asthma since I was about 14, but now I have the joys of an inhaler again to help me with my breathing. What a debacle! I even wrote a poem about it, started in the middle of one night as I sat up trying to ease my pain. I have shared the poem below. I’m starting to feel like I want this baby to come out so my body can go back to its ‘normal’ self. Poor, sad Twiglet. Little Twiglet is still kicking around in there so is hopefully unaffected by all of this.

Sun rays over sea

The Savage Beast

July 2015

The savage beast took hold of me,

It threw me round and round,

Though I dodged and though I fought

It firmly held its ground.

It sunk its teeth into my flesh

But I could pierce it not,

I threw everything I had at it

But its fire breathed ever hot.

The fight wore on, my hope did wane

In the wake of such a villain,

But then I found a weapon strong;

The sword of Penicillin.

I grasped the sword with all my strength

And thrust it through the heart,

The savage beast screamed out in pain

And slowly fell apart.

But as it fell it caught my eye

And cackled craftily,

I turned around and my heart dropped;

A shadow rose before me.

The savage beast it had a brother,

He too took hold of me,

And so the battle waged on and on,

I wanted to be free.

It feels like an age and still I fight

But I am winning now.

It won’t be long ‘til this beast’s gone

Oh, I will show them how.

Ok, sad thoughts dispensed with! With all this sitting around I finally managed to finish knitting the booties for my nephew. I didn’t care for the pattern much at all and so had been playing a bit of the avoidance game. They’re kind of like sock booties, and are a bit big at the moment, but he’ll grow into them. They look rather funky but I will definitely be trying a different, more simple pattern for my Little Twiglet’s booties. But first, I must finish that blanket. Oh yeah, almost forgot about that…

DSCF3581 cp

DSCF3576 cp

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