The Timber Has Landed

This week a load of timber arrived from our local timber mill. On planning the raised vege beds I decided that a) we needed more timber than what the old beds were made of to make the two new beds and b) it would be easier for The Husband to construct at least one of them with some better-sized timber. So, I sucked it up and bought some timber.

Timber load
Hello, timber

The arrival of the timber spurred The Husband into action and he has built three sides of the first vege bed so far. It is no mean feat. Each piece of timber was 150 x 50mm and 4.8m long and he has cut some of the pieces to form a bed approximately 1.6m wide by 8m long. Yup, that’s a whopping long vege bed! And the sides are two timber widths high too, giving a nice workable height of 30cm. This bed sure won’t be going anywhere in a hurry. It is H4 treated pine so it should last for a long time in contact with the soil.

Assembling the vege bed
The Husband assembling one 8m long side of the vege bed
Vege bed 3 sides
The vege bed with three sides made

Now it’s a matter of moving some of the soil mounds from the previous square beds and the black plastic that is under some of them in order to assemble the last side of the vege bed. My contribution was measuring out the area, putting the stakes in where I wanted the vege bed lined up and making a diagram on a spreadsheet to work out how much timber we needed and what sizes it needed to be cut to. And I helped hold up the 8m long side while The Husband nailed it in. Not bad for just over 5 weeks of pregnancy to go…

On another note, the garlic has come up – every single clove I planted! I am very pleased about this. If nothing else gets planted in the vege garden at least I will have one homegrown crop to make me happy. And a husband who is currently accumulating a lot of brownie points…

Garlic shoots
Hello, garlic

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