The Little Twiglet gets a Baby Shower

Baby showers can be funny things. I didn’t know if I wanted one. But we were privileged to have a very pleasant baby shower thrown for us on Saturday by The Sister-in-law and her helpers. My basic instructions were:

1) There must be food.

2) It will be for girls and guys.

3) No kooky baby games.

What ensued was a very nice afternoon of chilling out, eating, opening presents, some crafty activities and eating cake. I think The Little Twiglet knew there was something going on as he/she had a super-fidgety day, barely stopping moving all day long, which wasn’t so fun for some of us…

The decorating job was simply marvelous. I wish I had thought to take some photos of everything set up. Here is a glimpse of the creativity and thoughtfulness of The Sister-in-law and her helpers. I’m sorry to say I don’t even have a photo of the cake! I will track one down though. It was a lovely chocolate cake made by The Cake Queen Sister-in-law.

Nappy cake
The nappy cake – not edible but fantastical. I want to keep it forever.
Poof balls
The poof balls – a terrible name for such beautiful creations but I’m not sure what to call them. I fell in love with these. They look even better when hanging from the ceiling and will soon be adorning Little Twiglet’s room.
Poof ball
Poof ball!

The activities that went down were decorating buntings and onesies and writing in the parental advice book.

Bunting flags
Bunting flags. The stick-ons were meant for the parental advice book but ah well. I will make up some more flags then string them up to hang in Little Twiglet’s room.
Onesies. There are a few more of these to come that hadn’t dried out yet. No shortage of onesies around here!
Parental Advice Book
Parental Advice Book

I was overwhelmed with the presents we received, especially the ones that were lovingly made by friends and family. I have to say, I am surrounded by so great a crowd of crocheters. The Little Twiglet will not just have one homemade blanket, but a further four crocheted blankets! And some crocheted clothes. I am so proud of these creations. Excuse me while I attach masses of photos.

Crocheted blankets
Crocheted blankets for Little Twiglet
DSCF3692 cp
A blanket by The Crochet Queen

DSCF3683 cp

DSCF3690 cp
A blanket by The Mother-in-law

DSCF3686 cp

DSCF3681 cp
A blanket by The Sister-in-law
DSCF3688 cp
Another blanket by The Mother-in-law
Crocheted clothes
Crocheted clothes for Little Twiglet by The Mother-in-law and The Sister-in-law
More bibs sewed by The Big Sister

Well, what an event! This baby is going to be so loved. Now I must get back to my own craftiness and finish knitting my booties for the Little Twiglet. One down, one to go. Also, did I mention I bought some more yarn? Oops…

2 thoughts on “The Little Twiglet gets a Baby Shower

  1. I don’t crochet (I knit) but I have a lot of crochet pieces from my grandmother. I love love the cream and grey afghan by the Crochet Queen — those colors are beautiful together . Then I scrolled to the grey on grey shell stitch by the Mother-in-law — phew, what a beautiful border. Use it all; don’t put anything away to save for good. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


    1. Thanks Jo, I will pass on your compliments to the crocheters! I will definitely be showing off these blankets to the world. I don’t crochet either, but I intend to learn once I’ve made some headway on my massive line-up of knitting projects. Yarn is a wonderful thing isn’t it?


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