How Goes the Knitting?

Whilst awaiting the arrival of my necessary knitting needles in the post, I began knitting another pair of booties for Little Twiglet. I had almost enough of the same brown-patterned yarn to make another slightly larger pair, plus plenty of the same yarn in the light blue mix used to make booties for my nephew. So I knitted a blue edge for the leg and will do the rest in brown. I was happily knitting away in church (don’t worry, I was up the back on the special people’s couch) but when we came home The Husband decided to check the mail box. Lo and behold, there was my parcel from with my much-awaited 3mm 30cm circular needles (so small!) and a few more balls of yarn. I should have checked the mailbox sooner! Despite coming all the way from London, are so efficient with their orders. And they have such well-priced yarn! And so many deals… Does anyone know if there’s a Anonymous? I think I have a problem.

Second booties
Little Twiglet’s second booties

Obviously, I set aside the bootie knitting, picked up my tiny circular needles and began to knit the hat for Little Twiglet. The pattern can also be done on double-pointed needles but I didn’t enjoy them so much on my last run, so I chose the alternative. It’s going to take a lot of rounds as it’s in 4 ply yarn. But it is nice soft merino and I expect it to be spectacular when it’s finished. Things are getting interesting; it is about to get another colour added into the mix…

Little Twiglet's hat
Little Twiglet’s hat

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