Crazy Weather and Firewood Duties

The weather has been extremely rainy and windy over the last few days, and still is. The neighbours have a strip of surface flooding in the paddocks along the fence line and some of the local drainage ditches and paddocks are a bit flooded. Fortunately, I haven’t noticed any water pooling on our property, which is great. The only thing pooling here is citrus, particularly the grapefruit, which the wind has blown off the trees en masse. I’m not entirely sure what to do with all that grapefruit.

It’s a good job The Husband sussed out his firewood before the crazy weather arrived. Over winter he has depleted our large stash of pallets to almost nothing by chopping them up and burning them in the fire. I was getting tired of having to continually top up the fire with piddly pallet pieces that didn’t last very long, not to mention the loss of some nice pallets that could have made nice things, so I started suggesting buying some more hefty firewood. Nope. The Husband does not want to pay for firewood. There was actually a decent amount of wood in the wood shed, it was just a big mess of planks, sticks, hungus chunks of wood and various other materials that needed to be sorted through or chopped up. The Husband has made a good effort dealing with most of it, which has given us some longer-burning firewood. He just needs to finish tidying up the gauntlet of wood bits he has left in front of the chicken coop. Subtle hint.

Thinking ahead for next year’s firewood is essential if you want to avoid paying for it. Naturally, The Father-in-law knew a free source of firewood. Last weekend they worked hard to fill up a trailer with big rounds of pine plus some smaller branches and pinecones. Then The Husband chopped it all up, cleaned out one side of the woodshed and stacked it all nicely to dry for next year. What a happy sight!

A nice stash of firewood
Pinecones for kindling
Pinecones for kindling

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