Making Cards

As an aside from knitting I have been getting crafty in a different way. I’ve been making thank you cards for friends and family who came to the baby shower and gave us lovely gifts.

Cards 1

I have to let you in on a little secret: I kind of hate doing thank you cards. It’s not that I don’t like thanking people, it’s something about the repetitive wording trapesing across multiple cards and the whole mandatory properness of the exercise. Can’t I just say thanks? But then I remember that I really like getting thank you cards from other people, so I should do likewise. Some day… When I get around to it…

This time wasn’t actually so bad though. I had stickers and pretty, shiny pens left over from the baby shower crafts so I put them to good use and made the cards by hand. I even cut out some of the paper with the pinking scissors I bought for cutting the bunting edges (which didn’t pan out, but that’s another story). And you know what? The whole process wasn’t actually so bad this time. It only took me three sessions and not very much procrastinating. All I have left to do is distribute them. I enjoyed making my own cards and I think I shall do more in the future. But right now I’m going back to my knitting: booties round two!

Cards 2

Cards 3

One thought on “Making Cards

  1. Very cute. Great that you could use the leftover craft items — ties the whole theme thing together. I’m not much of a card sender but I do send regular written notes to people. Thanks for reminding me to get back on that. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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