The Baby Hat is Here

I’m on a roll! I have finished knitting the baby hat for Little Twiglet and I have to say, I am rather pleased with it. It looks somewhat like an acorn, which was kind of the point. I just hope the size is ok as the height of the hat is a little smaller than I expected. But then babies heads are small and it should have plenty of stretch in it. The hat I mean.

Little Twiglet's hat
Little Twiglet’s hat

Little Twiglet's hat 2 Little Twiglet's hat 3

Also, Little Twiglet has been knitted some lovely little booties by The Aussie Auntie. They are nice earthy tones and a nice small size, which I needed more of. Ah, so much knitting love. And more to come…

Booties from The Aussie Auntie
Booties for Little Twiglet from The Aussie Auntie

What do you think?

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