More Decorating in Little Twiglet’s Room

I’ve been on a home decor roll lately. I think it’s a combination of the house genre TV shows I’ve been watching and having a lot of time to think and look around the house. We had two bedside cabinets that were sitting around after being replaced, waiting to be put up for sale on Trade Me. Then it occurred to me that I could re-purpose them by putting them together to turn into a TV cabinet, which we needed. I took out the two woven seagrass drawers, which never looked very nice. Now all we need to do is make shelves to sit the consoles on and preferably some cabinet doors too.

TV cabinet
Bedside cabinets re-purposed into a TV cabinet

As for the woven baskets, I decided they could become storage baskets for Little Twiglet’s room, after a repaint. The photo below shows the reddish brown colour we painted them years ago, with the original natural buff colour starting to show through. I picked out a nice dark green spray paint from Bunnings, after vowing not to engage in illicit spraying activities.

Woven drawers
The old and new colours of the woven drawers

The paint job has turned out well, with a little of the brown left showing through for a less polished look. Spray painting is rather fun. I can see why people get a kick out of it. I think I want some more spray paint. Imagine the possibilities…

Painted drawers
The drawers have a new lease of life

I was hoping both baskets would fit side by side on the wooden washstand in Little Twiglet’s room but they don’t. They can just be floating storage solutions for toys, equipment or whatever.

Storage baskets
The storage baskets in Little Twiglet’s room

Also, note the curtains that The Mother kindly shortened, re-hemmed and hung for me, and which are now the most well-hung curtains in the house. When we moved in there were no curtains or rod on this window and the curtains on the large windows were a ghastly bright concoction of orange-, yellow-, red-, blue- and green-patterned madness. And also note the cardboard, lace and wooden peg bunting. This was made by The Sister-in-law for the baby shower and is now covering some of my large stash of 75% biodegradable nappies.

Washstand decor
The washstand with one of the storage baskets and the cardboard bunting

The other thing I did in Little Twiglet’s room was position the poof balls were I wanted them hanging from the ceiling. I had to use bits of duct tape since the ceiling is not very adhesive friendly. I figured I would get them all positioned nicely then put hooks up for them to hang from. It was all looking splendid until the next morning when the poof balls had started congregating on the floor. There is only one left hanging now but at least the bits of duct tape are still there to mark their places. Now I need to get The Husband to help me put some hooks up…

Lonesome poof ball
Poor lonesome poof ball
Poof balls
The poof balls: fallen from grace

What do you think?

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