A (not very) Secret Knitting Project

After finishing That Baby Cardigan it was time to start knitting the next project on my never-ending list. So, did I? Nope. Yes, you know me too well. I decided it would be a great idea to knit something for my two nephews for Christmas. (SPOILER ALERT for the Big Sister – keep reading at your own peril!) Oh, the things I do to myself.

For my youngest nephew, The Little Hedgehog, I chose to knit something akin to his namesake… I have stopped until I can get some stuffing and embroidery cotton to finish it off. Meanwhile, I have begun the present for his older brother, The Little Lion. (He was The Cutest Nephew, but, well, that would be playing favourites.) This project is going to take a little longer but hopefully I can get enough time to do it before Christmas arrives. You’ll have to wait and see what that one is. I have started listening to Christmas music already, much to The Husband’s dismay. It helps get me in the mood!

Present for The Little Hedgehog
A present for The Little Hedgehog

In other knitting news, That Baby Cardigan has received a successful round 2 in the button department and thus has been properly finished and worn out and about.

That Baby Cardigan
That Baby Cardigan

The Little Fulla has also been given some more hand-made gifts. A friend from my old, beloved Christchurch knitting group has knitted him some lovely mittens and The Aussie Aunty has knitted him an amazing jacket. Funnily enough, they go quite well together. I’m so proud to have so many knitters in my life!

Jacket and mittens
A jacket knitted by The Aussie Aunty and mittens knitted by a Christchurch friend


One thought on “A (not very) Secret Knitting Project

  1. I’m always tempted to put my Christmas gift projects in the blog but then my sister would know what she’s getting. Love the blue cardigan. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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