I’ve Planted Things!

And they’re not vegetables. Oh, you mean you have planted some non-vegetable plants? Yes! I may sound like I’m all about the vegetables lately but I have planted some ornamentals along the way. Summer is almost upon us and warm weather has already bounced in like an excitable Tigger. This means I need to plant more things pronto! Firstly, because they’ll establish better before the searing heat of summer, secondly, because I have way too many plants languishing in pots and thirdly, because potted plants require more water and we now have a water tank to be mindful of. Some of the vege planting might have to wait. Well, no, let’s be honest; it’s the citrus and feijoa pruning that’s been chucked in the backseat. There’s a lot of pruning to be done but I’m trying my best to avoid not avoiding it. Sometimes.

I haven’t done much planning of ornamental beds so far. It’s been more a case of thinking about what I have in pots (and what other few plants I would like) and what would work where whilst feeding The Little Fulla, which provides a lot of thinking time. When I get around to planting it’s been a matter of: quick, space a few plants out and dig ’em in before the child wakes up! We shall see how this nutty process pans out as they mature.

The Path Garden
The Path Garden, which has amassed a collection of hastily-planted natives – grasses, sedges, ground covers, flaxes, a Muehlenbeckia astonii and a Clianthus puniceus ‘Alba’ (white kakabeak).
Isolepis, Uncinia and Geranium
Isolepis cernua (Fiberoptic grass), Uncinia rubra (Hook sedge) and Geranium brevicauli.

The current garden bed I’m planting out, The Maple Garden as it shall henceforth be known, is a decent size so it has required a little more thought. Fortunately, I can see it out the lounge window from the ‘feeding couch’. Bit by bit I’ve been spacing out the selected plants in their pots, then staring at them out the window with squinty eyes during feeding time, trying to figure out what I want. When I get time I go out there and move a few pots around or plant a few of the plants. It’s a slow process but that’s probably a good thing for the end result. The planting is almost complete, with a quick count of 55 plants in it so far. It’s hard to tell from far away but I’ll take some close-ups when the plants have grown a bit more. It just needs a few more plants at each end. Now, to figure out how to stop The Fur Child from rolling on my dear grasses…

The Maple Garden
The Maple Garden, which has native grasses, sedges, ground covers and a flax along with a japanese maple (unknown cultivar), Rhododendron ‘Black Sport’, Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ (Siberian dogwood), Iris nelsonii (Abbeville Red), two daylilies (red and burgundy), some dark-coloured calla lilies and a few other things to come.
The japanese maple will be the main feature when it gets bigger, next to the existing loquat tree and underplanted mostly with grasses and sedges. The random sticks and stones are around ground covers to help stop the pesky birds from digging them up.

What do you think?

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