Christmas is Coming!

I love Christmas. It’s just so exciting! Now that December has arrived I have begun putting up the decorations. All plans of making any more decorations this year went out the window with the baby. With the arrival of the baby I mean. Don’t worry, the The Little Fulla is still here on my knee, feeding into sweet oblivion. One of the keys to enjoying the Christmas season is getting present shopping done early and swiftly. This year I have taken full advantage of online shopping and finished my Christmas shopping before December arrived. Yuss!

Christmas candle
I love the colours of Christmas
Nativity set
I finally got around to buying a nativity set last year, after finally finding one I liked that didn’t cost the earth

When putting up the stockings I realised that The Little Fulla doesn’t have one. Oh dear! But he’s only 3 months old, I don’t think he’ll mind if I try to knit him one for next year, right? The Husband piped up and said the child would be scarred for life if he didn’t have a stocking for his first Christmas. Hey, now, don’t make me feel guilty about it! Maybe we should do him a stocking with one of his father’s long sports socks. That’s how we did it my whole childhood – Dad’s old rugby socks. And I turned out fine…

Christmas stockings
Two Christmas stockings for a three-person household?

After I hung up the icicle lights in the lounge I went to plug them in and realised I couldn’t because the plug attachment was missing. It was not in its box either. This could only mean one thing; The Husband has used it for some electronic purpose or another, has forgotten about it and has no idea where it is. While he thinks this is funny (he having somewhat less of the Christmas spirit than I), he won’t be laughing if I have to go Christmas light shopping.

Christmas lights
We have lights and yet no lights. Where’s that jolly plug?

Next, I must find us a Christmas tree. A real tree. The place we used to always go to pick one is further away from where we are now, but then it wouldn’t actually be too far for a country drive. I do so much like going there and hunting through the pine trees for the perfect (or perfectly cheap) specimen. Oh yes, I think I can feel a country drive coming on. Come along, Husband!

One thought on “Christmas is Coming!

  1. Yes my sister and I grew up having one of my dad’s socks for a stocking. I didn’t know any different. I think your little one will survive. 😉
    I too did the majority of shopping online before December too. Though I don’t have a lot to buy.


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