Happy Feather Children?

It must be the silly season. I was just finishing up a post about how happy the feather children are being all back together and all laying again, about how they all run up to the orchard fence when I go out to the vege garden and how they’re tighter than ever and stick close together unless they’re laying.

Well, I can scribble all that out thanks to jolly Frodo! In one foul day she promptly stopped laying and started sitting on the others’ eggs. And non-existent eggs. Yup, she’s gone broody again. I am somewhat less than impressed. She has only had a few weeks of non-broodiness. Frodo even pecked my boot after I plucked her out of the hen house. I have stooped so low as to make comments about putting her in the pot and muttering, “Three strikes and you’re out!” But seriously, this is strike two. Again, I have thought about getting fertilised eggs to put under her and again I have, or The Husband has, come to the conclusion that I don’t have the time to dedicate to them at the moment. I had enough trouble making time to cut my wild, untamely hair today, let alone getting all the housework done. No, I don’t want a bunch of neglected chicks. There will be time for chicks later.

Broody Frodo
Jolly Frodo. She’s not even in a nesting box, she’s in front of them, where the last egg was laid. That would have been Sam’s egg – Frodo probably didn’t let her in the nesting box!

Thus, it is with a heavy heart that I must put Frodo back in the broody breaker cage. Good thing it hasn’t been put away yet. C’mon Frodo, play nicely now. You’ve only got one more strike after all… Just kidding. Sort of…

Sam, out in the orchard this evening, missing her buddy Frodo.

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