A Christmas Tree Appears

It took a bit of work to convince The Husband that we needed a Christmas tree. He kept saying we could use my potted pine tree and I kept saying it wasn’t fit to be a Christmas tree. Not yet anyway. I told him to go and look at how spindly and small it was. He brought it inside. It looked terrible. I promptly took it back outside. Then we took off Christmas tree hunting; The Little Fulla, The Husband and I.

As we turned onto the road of our usual Christmas tree farm The Husband said, “Sold out.” I thought he was being a tease. But to my horror the Christmas tree sign on the corner had a ‘sold out’ sticker across it. Argh! That’s never happened to me before. I really like that place. Enter the sad, pouty faces. Fortunately, there was another Christmas tree farm nearby. It was raining steadily when we got there so, despite the fact that I love hunting for a Christmas tree, and since we didn’t want a soggy baby, we opted for one of the just cut trees they had sitting inside. It was a bit more expensive than the other place but it’s a nice tree and they did wrap it in netting. And thus we now have a CHRISTMAS TREE! It smells of divine pine and looks rather merry in its lovingly decorated form. Oh, how I love Christmas trees. I think The Little Fulla likes it too. And I’m pretty sure it’s even making The Husband feel a tad bit jolly…

Christmas tree bare
The Christmas tree has landed
Christmas tree decorated
The Christmas tree has been decorated
Christmas tree decorated 2
And another shot, because it never quite looks the same when you try to photograph it with the lights
Brown bird
I have a total fascination for artificial birds…
Red bird
Another pretty bird
Angel & bird
An angel from Trade Aid and, ahem, another bird…
Pinecone decorations
Pinecone decorations I made last year
Star decoration
Star decoration I made last year
Tree decorations
A knitted wreath I made and some grapes for fun. And yes, another bird!

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree Appears

  1. Beautifully chosen Twig let despite the initial letdown, the handmade decorations are great.
    I feel I’ve let the side down with my fake tree but the real thing makes my daughter’s asthma start.


    1. Thanks Kitty. Oh, it’s a real bummer when people have pine tree allergies! I guess there isn’t much you can do about it, unless you use a different kind of tree/shrub. Kathy (kmfinigan) above has a few ideas. In the meantime, a plastic Christmas tree is still better than none!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kathy. I’m suitably impressed by your potted trees! I really should make more effort to regularly feed and trim my potted pine tree. Potted Christmas trees are needy, aren’t they?


    1. Your Norway spruce looks very pleasant! The vast majority of the trees grown for Christmas trees in NZ are Pinus radiata. I have sometimes wondered why we don’t have much variety available from Christmas tree farms. I guess it’s because Pinus radiata has a huge forestry industry here so there are plenty of them around and it just seems to be what people are used to. It does get me thinking though. While there’s nothing wrong with a well-shaped, bushy Pinus radiata I would like to try another species for a change. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what I can find next year…


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